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40 Signs of a Prophetic scribe

by Theresa Harvard Johnson 

Theresa has penned more than 14 books on subjects surrounding the ministry of prophetic writing, prophetic scribes, scribal prophets and scribal ministry. 40 Signs of a Prophetic Scribe lists some of the most common and easily recognizable characteristics, and behaviors that supernaturally identify the unique ministry of prophetic scribes of the King. Theresa Harvard Johnson, originator of The Scribal Anointing teachings on the office of the scribe, lists these signs along with relevant, powerful scripture references and insight that will empower and encourage those who believe they may be called into this powerful and often overlooked ministry.


The Scribal Anointing

By theresa harvard johnson

 For far too long, the prophetic writing ministry of God's creative scribes have gone untapped in the body. Some of those carrying the scribal ministry within them have yet to birth it and those who have are yet to understand why our Father in Heaven has placed this ministry in their hearts. Drawing on the wisdom of Jesus Christ and the revelation hidden in the Old Testament, The Scribal Anointing walks the present day scribe into the depths of God's heart concerning the ministry of the prophetic scribe and prophetic writing.


31 Day Create

by Jenny randle

Childhood is filled with imagination and exploration that can lead us down a path of creative discovery and wonderment -- but sometimes these defining moments become a distant memory to the everyday hustle of life. Responsibilities pile up and before you know it you hear yourself saying "I'm not creative" or " I don't have time for that ..."

Through vulnerable and humorous storytelling, Emmy-winning video editor Jenny Randle shares her personal struggles and discoveries that will have you living a courageously creative life again.


Daring to Hope

by anne b say

Anne B Say is a recognized author, speaker, and coach with over 20 years experience helping women discover and live into their unique God-given identity. She equips and encourages women everywhere to find hope in their circumstances and love the life they’re living. Anne has authored 2 books and 1 eBook. Her latest, Daring To Hope, provides simple everyday steps to defeat discouragement. The accompanying workbook will be available for the Come Alive Conference. The workbook makes an excellent tool for applying these powerful principles and gaining traction in our faith.  


Seasons of Change

by Anne B Say

Seasons of Change is an interactive journal touching on breakthough in a variety of areas; Relationships, Communication, anything that holds us back from walking in all that God has for us. Journal responses can be scribed, danced, sculpted, or painted. Freedom in Christ is the ultimate goal.

Picture Prayer journal

by donna hyder

A few years ago, I was given a special gift – a homemade prayer journal. It was a simple composition notebook decorated just for me. Typically prayer journals are used to record prayer requests and the answers to those prayers. Later they are filed away or thrown away. But I had a special idea for this one.I wanted to make this prayer journal more meaningful by placing photos of my family in it, then journaling alongside the pictures. I listed scripture verses, declarations and decrees, heartfelt words, dreams and more. The concept was to create a generational type of journal or a legacy book--one where promises are listed, not problems. 


strength in our story

by Dr. karen connell

Strength in our Story is designed to help you discover healing and hope in life’s darkest moments. Everyone can relate to some aspect of Joseph’s story, making studying his story a very relevant experience for us all. Now, more than ever, we need authentic answers and genuine hope. Through the use of these materials, individuals are able to gain context for life experiences and events, find healing, and build God-focused communities. 

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